Indy Jones 4: A Movie Beside Itself

indy jonesGoing into Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, I think I came out having watched two movies.

The first is everything one could expect from a fourth Indy movie, all the elements present and the second, George Lucas dying to show off by any means necessary.

Mac already covered the exorbitant amounts of groundhogs prancing around, but some of the special effects seemed a bit excessive and unnecessary. They just aren’t as impressive as they used to be, Georgie boy. Quit advertising for ILM.

With that being said, it was very much enjoyable to see Harrison back in action once more, even if several years later. Although the plot is fairly predictable, there are still plenty of archaeological treats, good Indy action sequences and where Harrison can’t go for us Shia makes up the difference.

The end, without spoiling too much, was entirely too Spielbergian–something we’ve seen from him one too many times (I wanted to phone home), but all in all a good weekend flick.

Rating: B-
Buy it on DVD? If you’ve already got the first 3, then yes. If not, wait for an affordable box set of all four. And if you’re only interested in getting the fourth movie, wait a few months for it to hit the $13 or less bins at Wal-mart.

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