We’re Taking on Water!

One of the best TV shows to ever grace my family room when I was a kid was none other than Mystery Science Theater 3000. And whenever somebody tells me they’ve never seen it or they don’t like it I’m shell-shocked for a moment because I can’t quite believe anybody could have missed or disliked it. Then of course I spend the next half hour desperately trying to get them to agree to watch one of my favorite episodes or the movie in the hopes that they will fall as much in love with it as I am. It never works, but it’s a compulsion I can’t control. I feel obligated to spread the joy of MST3K.

When it went off the air I felt like I’d lost a close friend. I remember staying up late at night during the summers so I could watch it and I think I even fought with my sisters over it (they never liked what I watched). I would scrounge for empty tapes in the house so I could tape episodes and watch them repeatedly. Somewhere I still have a copy of my favorite episode, #904 “Werewolf”, on a tape. It’s entirely possible that MST3K made my youth bearable. And then it was gone.

I have several episodes and the movie on DVD so it’s not like I can’t get my fix whenever I want it, but I want to see fresh stuff. I want to see the crew of the Satellite of Love riff movies they’ve not yet riffed. I want to see Tom Servo again.

Alas, this will never happen. What has happened, however, is that Joel Hodgson has pulled together the old MySTie crew and embarked on a new riffing venture: Cinematic Titanic. Yesterday I watched their very first release, “The Oozing Skull” and, while I’m not going to do the review right now, I will say it was just like old times watching Comedy Central late at night when I should have been in bed.

If you’ve been craving more riffing, you should hop right on over to the Cinematic Titanic website and see how you too can begin enjoying the MST3K experience again (or for the first time if you’ve never seen it before).

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