My Foxy New Browser

Over the past couple of days I’ve managed to install and use Firefox 3 on both my laptops and now my question to those of you who haven’t upgraded yet is “Why not?”

I’m really loving this latest version and for one simple reason: tab saving. In Firefox 2 when you had several tabs open but had to shut it down for any reason (new Firefox update, Windows update requiring a restart, etc.) there was no option to save the tabs (at least not one that popped up when you were closing out; I never really thought about searching for the option until one of the aforementioned issues arose and by then it was a bit late to be checking if there actually was one). In any case, it’s fabulous and really the only reason I would have needed to upgrade if I’d known about it before I did.

Also, the address bar is much more helpful and the whole thing is more integrated into your system.

For those of you still using Internet Explorer I simply need to know why. I’m not talking to those of you who work in a place where you’re only allowed IE; I’m talking to those people who still use it willingly, on their own computers. Whatever the reason, I’m telling you that you really should give Firefox 3 a try. It’s a great browser and, since it’s open-source, there are literally hundreds of add-ons you can search through to add to its functionality. With IE you’re pretty much stuck waiting until Microsoft decides to add a feature.

No, I haven’t said much, but basically my goal is to let you guys know one of the coolest, most secure browsers out there has upgraded and to ask you to give it a try. If you’ve been using Firefox all along you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, you really couldn’t pick a better time to switch.


  1. A great browser just got better – love it. And it’s definitely faster on my machine than vers 2.

  2. I’ve been a Firefox fanboy since late 2003/early 2004. As a professional writer/webmonkey, there’s just no substitute. I was a bit hesitant to upgrade since wasn’t sure if all my add-ons would work with FF3 (let’s just say my version of Firefox is, um, “heavily modified”), but I’m *so* glad I took the plunge. I updated on my work machine; I’ll do the same on my Mac at home shortly.

    What just floors me about Microsoft is they still haven’t caught a few of the most obvious clues from the Firefox community. It wouldn’t take much effort at all to integrate some of the more useful features from their application software into IE (word count and spell checker, anyone?). It’s almost a surprise they got around to adding tabbed browsing.

  3. I myself don’t understand Microsoft and I was also surprised they added tabbed browsing. I guess they think if they just stick their head in a hole and keep referencing their market share of Windows instead of actually paying attention to what people want from their browser IE could become a better browser. Of course that means they’d have to make some major modifications to actually make it for compliant with the internet. But that will never happen.

    If I had the time and another machine up and running I would I’d start learning Linux so I could ween myself off of Windows. That will have to wait, though.

    As far as Firefox is concerned, I so far haven’t really modified it, but whenever I find an add-on that looks useful I like to give it a shot. I’m looking forward to the new stuff we’ll be seeing. I’m thinking about trying to design some new themes myself and seeing how that goes over.

  4. Mac;
    Investigate the Ubuntu Live CD. You can boot from the CD and run it on your Windows machine without touching the existing file system or OS – all it needs it RAM. It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with a popular flavor of Linux without having to dedicate a machine to it.

  5. Why use another box to learn Linux. Sun purchased Innotek and has released VirtualBox for free for personal use. You can then run the host OS and vm and allow them to share files. Or you can use a Live distro.

    I haven’t upgraded to FF3 on my boxes yet because I haven’t had a chance to test my extensions. I’ve upgraded the wife and kids boxes though.

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