Why I Hate Network Executives

Some shows capture our imaginations, give us something to hope for each week, and cause other people to think we are insane because we just can’t stop talking about them. Then those shows are canned and we’re left shaking our fists at the bastards that call themselves network executives. Yes, I’m bitter.

In this light, it only seemed proper to list – in no particular order – my favorite shows that were cancelled before their time. Without further ado, “The List”*:

I’m sure there are more, but I think that’s a pretty good sized list. Now, I want to know what your guys’ favorite shows were that were cancelled before their time. Oh, and as a further gripe, all these series were cancelled and all but Life on a Stick and Boston Public have made it to DVD already, while most of the Law & Order franchise still continues to hold out. How messed up is that?

*Doesn’t include shows that have been brought back from the bone yard and stayed on (not that there’s many of those).

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