Seaquest DSV: Season 1

Since I’ve got unlimited access to Netflix InstantView I figured I’d make the most of my monthly fee. Enter Seaquest DSV.

For those unfamiliar with Seaquest let me give you a basic plot description:

In the future mankind has colonized the ocean and is looking to police it. In comes the Seaquest with Captain Nathan Bridger (Roy Scheider) at the helm. Join talking dolphins, a mouthy kid, and a sort of racially integrated crew as they race around the ocean being both scientists and police.

I’m making it sound worse than it actually is, but if you’re going to enjoy it, you’ll have to suspend your disbelief just a bit. I watched this as a kid, so for me half of it is nostalgia.

*Did I mention Roy Scheider is in it? Don’t know what it is about the guy, but I’ve loved him since Jaws.
*It takes place underwater, which makes for a nice change when it comes to sci-fi type shows.
*It explores psychic powers, which I’m always interested in, though I believe it explores it more thoroughly in upcoming seasons
*You get to see Bill Shatner with a nasty mustache and his usually fab acting. 😉
*If you like the Star Trek/Stargate, etc. sci fi shows, this one’s probably right up your alley.

*It can get to be pretty campy dialogue wise.
*It can get obnoxious in its “Go Green!” push.
*Jonathan Brandis’ big hair is really big…
*The dolphin-speak gets a little hard to swallow at times.
*This may be a pro or a con, but basically the show is a direct rip of Star Trek: TNG, which I’ll illustrate later below.

Verdict: Well, since I sort of got to watch this for free it’s going to get more points for that. The stories are interesting a lot of the time. They discover the lost library of Alexandria, do a ghost ship Halloweenish episode, and make little episode plays on movies (like Silence of the Lambs). So yeah, it’s a bit campy, but I think fun. Mostly I’m in it for Roy Scheider’s character, and probably nostalgia.

So, if you saw it before in the past and are looking to revisit, I say do it, DVD or Netflix. If you’re new to it, and you like sci-fi, you’ll probably enjoy it. Otherwise, maybe check out an episode on Netflix InstantView if you’ve got it before putting any money down.

Rating: B

And now, presenting…

Star Trek: TNG vs. Seaquest DSV

Okay, so Spielberg was probably just making a big joke of all of this, but see if you can see the almost copyright violated similarities.

StarTrek: The Next Generation and SeaQuest: Deep Submersion Vehicle

Hopefully this is painfully obvious. For the not so clever: star=space, sea=ocean, trek=journey, quest=basically journey

Dr. Westphalen and Dr. Crusher

Scientists and general doctors aboard their ships. Often the voice of reason for the Captain. Both develop relationships with their captains.

Lucas and Wesley

Both the grab for the teenage audience (at least intended). Both basically geniuses aboard their ships to find their way to come of age.

Catch phrases

“To boldly go where no man has gone before” and “For beneath the surface, lies the future,” which are both stated by the Captains in a similar sort of narration of the beginning of the show describing the missions of their vessels.

Theme Songs

These are so eerily similar you may have trouble remembering both since one will inevitably stick in your mind as both. Check out SeaQuest and Star Trek and see what you think.

Other similarities

We don’t really get aliens, but we do get modified humans–aka humans with gills or manufactured humans. They also bring a psychic counselor on board.

I’m not really criticizing the show, just showing you the practically Xerox’d plot for my own amusement. If for nothing else you can watch the show just to find all the many similarities. If you find more than I’ve posted, and I haven’t posted everything, be sure to leave them in comments below–just for curiosities sake.

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