Video of the Week: One of the Best Moments in TV History

The Bob Newhart Show is one of my top 10 favorite TV shows of all time. Bob Newhart is hilarious and if he ever came to where I am for a stand up show I’d be there in a heartbeat. I’m a huge fan of dry comedy so I love his style.

So, since I’ve started watching The Bob Newhart Show again and in honor of Suzanne Pleshette who passed away earlier this year, this week’s video is the final scene from the show Newhart. Incidentally, it’s based on an idea by Bob Newhart’s real wife Virginia, and several media organizations (including TV Guide) have called the Newhart series finale one of the most memorable in TV history. If you’ve never seen this before, you’re about to find out why.

Unfortunately, Twentieth Century Fox has decided that, even while they’re not providing anything past the first season of Newhart on DVD (or anywhere, for that matter), You Tube is not allowed to host a clip of the show, so you’ll have to go to a different site to watch. It’s worth it (those of you who’ve seen it before know what I’m talking about). So head on over to Milk and Cookies and watch the final scene from Newhart.

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