What Lies in the Darkness?

I’ve wet myself repeatedly in excitement of the June 28th trailer announcement (among other things) of *dramatic pause* DIABLO III!!! WOW addicts beware! Blizzard really is bringing us a much desired, much anticipated sequel in the Diablo series (for both Mac and PC, yes).

The cinematic teaser is available to watch and if that doesn’t feel you with both excitement and rage (rage that it doesn’t come out tomorrow) I don’t know what will. Blizzard refuses to give an official release date, but gaming gurus around the web are predicting Christmas 2009, but with how much attention Blizzard developers are giving to this game, it’ll likely be 2010. Still, when we get updates, we’ll give them to you.

D3 will be using Battle.net for multiplayer game interaction. I wasn’t the hugest fan of the previous Battle.net for D2–dropped connections, slow connections, etc., but they’ve upgraded it and have it ready to roll for StarCraft II. I guess we’ll see what improvements have been made. It was free before, so hopefully the use of it will be free again (and anyone who knows for certain, please leave a comment).

As for classes, there will be five to choose from–male and female version alike instead of fixed–with the two revealed classes being Barbarian and Witch Doctor (which according to what I’ve read is going to be very similar what Shaman is to WOW).

NOSTALGIC MOMENT: Although I love the World of Warcrack in all its addictive glory (been clean a year now *wink*), I do like to see a game every now and again with a story to it–and that’s what the Diablo series has been for me. (I haven’t yet ventured into Starcraft). I remember the first time I got to see Diablo in D1, and I’m excited to face him again in D3. The wacky maze world in D2, and Mephisto and Baal–all good memories. D3 will be like the high school reunion you actually want to go to. (^_^)

So when the developers finally decide on a release date, you can be sure that Visual Crack will get it and review it–though I’m doubting most of you will wait for the review before you buy.

And if you’ve never played the Diablo series before, they’re probably cheap and could be a fun nostalgic trip, but if you’ve been impressed by Blizzard before, you won’t be disappointed with the new game. When it comes out, get it.

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