Back to Tradition: Disney’s Upcoming Film

I heard about this a while ago. Disney has finally got their head on straight, realizing the old formula always brought them money, and has decided to produce again a hand-drawn animated musical complete with a princess. The trouble is it’s been stirring up trouble.

The Princess and the Frog (traditionally the fairy tale is called The Frog Princess) will be about a girl named Maddy–er wait–Tiana who lives in 1920s New Orleans Jazz Age. Why the big fuss? Well, she’s the first black princess, which I thought was a progressive step forward, but I guess we’re not progressing as quickly as I’d thought.

Originally named Maddy, the character was supposed to also be the chambermaid of a spoiled rich white girl (can you see where the Politically Correct crew is going to go into overhaul already?). Despite the fact that Snow White and Cinderella both began their stories as basically chambermaids, it’s apparently too demeaning for the PC crew. (God forbid any of us have been caught cleaning for money–I have.) Maddy was also thought to be too “slavish” so she got the change to Tiana. (Suppose I’d better inform my friend Madeleine not to let anyone call her Maddy for short). And then of course, instead of realizing that The Frog Princess is actually the real name of a real fairytale and not meant to be demeaning in anyway, the PC crew made certain to see to that, hence The Princess and the Frog. (This I don’t really care about either way, just kind of adds another straw.)

Shame on you Disney, for trying to make yourself more ethnic.

PC crews are also upset that supposedly the prince will turn out to be white. Instead of thinking, “Hooray for racial integration and showing the world we value people for people and not skin color.” they’re thinking, well, the big white man gotta come down and rescue the poor Tiana. *sigh* (see here for Jennifer Daniels, BET, specific comments, which I thought were pretty much racist)

Disney, I suspect even with the changes you make no one on the PC crew will be happy.

Despite all that, hopefully we’ll get a good film in the end (even if “white man” Randy Newman is doing the soundtrack, I mean really, can we say chip on the shoulder PC crew?) and perhaps somehow take that progressive step forward. I’m looking forward to the movie. I missed the traditional films and it’ll be nice to see the princesses include Tiana in the mix.

I’m sorry, but all this uproar disgusts me. Look at the art, Tiana is gorgeous, from the little preview she sounds like a woman with some fantastic attitude (not just a helpless Sleeping Beauty), the animation style looks like what we’d expect from Disney.

And please, let’s leave the PC at home for once

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