The Return of the Muse

I’m sure some of you have asked yourselves the very important question, “Where’s Mac?” Well, I’ll tell you.

My writing muse decided to take a vacation without consulting with me. Which left me sitting in front of my computer with a very frustrated look on my face as I tried to figure out the best way to write what I wanted to write. Anybody who’s been writing for any significant amount of time will tell you there is nothing more frustrating to a writer than to have their ability to write stunted by the dreaded writer’s block. Any decent writer will also tell you that anything they put down when they are in the middle of said blockage is embarrassing and not to be seen by anybody else or made a matter of public record. In the writing funk I was in there was no way I was going to try to put down some half-baked review. Reading through some of my other stuff I realize my muse had her bags packed and was half-way out the door already. Blah.

But just because I haven’t been able to put down a decent paragraph doesn’t mean I haven’t been trolling my entertainment library. In the intervening time I’ve managed to watch all 11 seasons of Frasier, most of 3rd Rock from the Sun, the first two episodes of a British miniseries called Eleventh Hour, the first season of Charmed (see review below), and various movies that looked interesting at the time. I’ve also been to a couple of local theaters to catch The Dark Knight, The X-Files: I Want to Believe, and Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

Eventually these and more will all be reviewed. First I want to talk about those last three movies listed and tell you what my personal pick of the summer is. So if you’ll give me a couple of days to compose myself and get my reviews in order you’ll know what movie you should go see out of those three if you have to pick just one.

My apologies for disappearing. I was just extremely frustrated with my writing. I really think I need to stick my muse in a cage. Or maybe break it’s legs.


  1. Never really considered breaking the legs of the muses before. Hopefully Zeus wouldn’t be too pissed off. You know what he did to the Trojans.

  2. Ah, my muse knows I’d never really break her legs. Which is probably why she heads off to a tropical beach whenever she feels like it. *sigh*

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