Another Reason to LOVE Netflix!

I could easily be a salesman of Netflix without trying.  What can I say?  I love it tons and I wish they’d have started their bonus DVD for friends back before I converted everyone. 😉

So what’s my additional reason to love Netflix aside from the joy of receiving a lovely red envelope in the mail or watching The Office online (and saving $$$ holding off on buying boxsets for now)?  We can thank NBC and Netflix both for bringing us Heroes: Season 3.

Not available on DVD yet, supposedly available every Tuesday (perhaps later in the evening, since it is Tuesday and the newest has not yet been posted) a new episode will be available as the season goes along.  Why don’t I just watch it at or the equivalent?  Well, great news for Roku player owners, because you can watch a full episode sans commercials on your TV.  For the rest of us, I would think no commercials and depending on your internet connection, better quality than the other sites.  I love NBC for making it easy to see this show and I think they’re the network that’s really getting this new digital age.

So, pop on over to Netflix to catch up, show friends old episodes, whatever.


  1. It must be Tuesday night. The new episode is up now.

  2. I need to catch up on Season 2 first – glad to see Netflix is going this now! That and Hulu are the two sites I spend the most non-work online time.

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