Somebody Surprised Me: Smallville Continues


Finally!  Investigative reporter emerges.

Finally! Investigative reporter emerges.

I’m a die-hard fan of Smallville, but if you read my previous article, well, I just want things to come to an end before they become terrible.  I was not happy about an eighth season making its debut.  Let’s face it, there were some pretty good moments in the last couple of seasons, and I did like the Supergirl story at times, but mostly it was stink–at least in comparison to what the show used to be.

Keeping them unders finally under, nice suit!

Keeping them unders finally under, nice suit!

How do I feel now that we’re seven episodes into the eighth season?  Shocked and amazed, but in a good way.

I kept asking myself, Dee, why is it you’re sticking with Smallville?  Is it your undying adoration for the man in blue?  Well, why was it I was ready to call it quits on Smallville in the first place?  I think we can all point to the fatal flaw, which is: Lana.  Hey, it’s nothing on Kristin Kreuk and her abilities, the Clana storyline was tired 3 seasons ago.  When I heard Kristin would not continue to be a regular, I said ‘hooray’ and shed a little tear hearing the same about Michael.  However, I don’t think any of us could have anticipated the breath of fresh air a cast shake-up would do for the show.

Now, though I’m still a little hesitant to fully proclaim it: I love this show again!  Clark has finally moved to Metropolis and about time.  I’m glad the producers finally took the show to where it needed to be, because Smallville (the town, not the show) was a tired place with tired plots.


Ever feel like we're destined to do this every week?

Instead of the boy who would be Superman we get to see the young man becoming Superman and it works.  (And having the Green Arrow and some Justice League members frequent doesn’t hurt either).  Plus we have the we-know-it-isn’t-doomed-from-the-beginning relationship budding between Clark and Lois.

And can I just say Erica Durance makes my favorite Lois thusfar?  She’s perfect.  Honestly, can we get the movie producers to take a look at what Smallville’s done for Superman and leave the Bryan Singer yoga Supes out of it from now on?

Anyways, apparently Lana is making an appearance for a few eps and she and Clark will kiss (spew), but I’m hoping these episodes prove we jumped the shark on that relationship long ago and it’s time for Clark to move forward with Lois.

Hey, the disguise still works.

Hey, the disguise still works.

I really, really, really want to see him get into a suit, and if the above photo is the concept, I’m all over that.  They figured out how to get Bruce to stop wearing his underwear on the outside, why not the man of steel?

I’m a huge spoilers gal, so if you’re like me and want the poop, the scoop, etc. head on over to They do an excellent job of keeping us up to date on Smallville show happenings with photos, spoilers and episode recaps.  Plus they have a pretty decent little Heroes site if you’re interested in more things superhero.

"Chloe, you're braniac!"  "Whoa, Clark! Save that for later in the season!"

"Chloe, you're braniac!" "Whoa, Clark! Save that for later in the season."

Well done to the producers and execs over at the CW.  I didn’t think keeping Smallville going was a wise idea, but it turned out to work great–and is likely the one thing keeping that poor network afloat.  Can we get a petition going to see Clark fly this season?  Anyone?


  1. Yay glad to see another SVLois/Clois fan.. I agree with you about the season, its fastly becoming my favorite.. I am a bit weary about when Lana comes back and of course the Clana kiss *sigh* I can only hope they do justice to Lois/Clois and not make it look like those are Clark’s second choice. What’s worse is theres no Lois for 3 of Lana’s episodes, so I can only hope they are interesting Clark episodes, and not bring him down like previous seasons have shown.

  2. I think you make an interesting point that Lana made herself in the good-bye video. She IS holding him (and the show) back. Maybe they’ll use this as a Lois losing interest in Clark because of Lana and gains more interest in Superman for now? Seems like in the comics she barely remembered Clark existed at first. As I said before, I’m really hoping these Lana eps will prove Clana is out and Clois is in.

  3. I was very reluctant to see SV continue into the eighth season as well. I only got on board when it became clear that the writers strike threw a wrench in the seventh season. For the most part I agree with you, the eighth season has been wonderful. This is the most excited I’ve been about this show in a while.

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