Netflix on the Mac? Hooray!

netflixonmac1Is it really true?  Can we really watch instantly–a service we’ve been paying for since its inception?  The answer is YES!  I found out the news late yesterday, which apparently occurred on Halloween, but hey, there were other things on our minds (like an election, or something).

Now the question on all you lovely Mac users’ minds is, ok, so how do I do it?  Well, officially it is in its beta testing stage, so you have to opt-in and errors may occur.  This is also only for Intel-based Macs, so if you’re PowerPC, you’re out.  Thusfar I haven’t really encountered any more than on a PC.  In case you didn’t catch that link the first time, opt-in here.

And welcome to 12,000 or so movies (some of them not working the greatest in beta), about 30% of them something you might want to watch, though with Starz Play a little better variety than before.  (I recently watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3–not that that’s saying much about selection still.  Ok, I was just glad it was “free” I mean since I’m in it for the DVD rental.  Anyways…)

So enjoy!

Oh, and one more thing.  This is all possible due to Microsoft’s Silverlight.  Wait.  Microsoft is making it easier for me to watch my Netflix on my Mac instantly?  Shouldn’t Apple have taken care of that for me?  Yes, they should have, shouldn’t they?  (You can still thank Apple for the delay and send them no thanks for the problem actually getting solved.  Apparently they’re so confident we’d rather rent on iTunes they blatantly refused to offer Netflix any sort of help.  Not even a clue.  *sigh*  Oh well, the prices of a great operating system I suppose).  Netflix’s blog gives more details.


  1. […] the like to run Windoze, you’re generally excluded (Netflix has started its beta testing, see here).   There is a sort of solution to that problem, depending on how much you care about instant […]

  2. For a Mac user that doesn’t use other software now to watch instantly, this will be good news. For those of us using other software, not so much because once you opt in you can’t opt out if you find the beta too buggy or too limited.

    Plus, I read that you will be limited to installing it on six devices, which seems like an arbitrary number since I doubt that Netflix is going to let you watch more than one movie at a time. Sounds like stupidity from the DRM morons.

    I doubt that you have any more idea than I do as to why it is a Microsoft product. It’s just as likely to do with Netflix and Microsoft as it is with Apple.

  3. Do have an idea, actually, if you’ve been keeping up with the Netflix blog. Since Apple has refused to share its DRM with Netflix, they’ve been forced to find an alternative means of DRM for Mac. Silverlight was suggested as an alternative to dealing with Apple, seems that’s the road they took.

    Apple seems to prefer we use iTunes rather than anything else. This kind of exclusionary behavior from Apple (or perhaps non-disclosing) isn’t solely toward Netflix. After Final Cut Pro had grown sturdy enough legs, Apple did not bother to let Avid (industry standard software) know about changes, particularly with the Intel processor changes, so Avid had to figure it out themselves and according to what I’d been told, considering dropping Mac altogether. (Which would be a shame, since Avid doesn’t work as great with PCs as Macs). They did the same thing to Adobe during CS2, which was super slow unless you had a 2 core duos or more. Adobe figured it out for CS3 (at least I’ve noticed a difference).

    If I didn’t hate Windoze as much as I do (I still have to use it and it still bothers me), I’d think about making the switch since Apple seems to be trying to force users to use Mac-only programs (in fact, they’re trying to make a Photoshop/Illustrator competing program, but I ROFL that attempt).

    I luv Mac, but a little sharing doesn’t hurt.

    But thx for posting about the opt in info. You can click on the Netflix blog link above to get all of the details.

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