Doctor Who Season 3: Same Doctor, new cast

dr_who_tennant_narrowweb__300x4300I’m excited for season 4 to finally be released on DVD, and in honor of its release, a long overdue review of season three is here.  First of all SPOILER ALERT.  I’d suggest you start with season one to make your decision of yay or nay on the Doctor.  Anyways, you’ve been warned.

All right, could there be anything more heart-wrenching than the forced separation for good of the Doctor and Rose?  Seriously, the end of season two was a little hard for watching, and I was super sad to see Billie Piper go.  It doesn’t seem like this show can hold onto its cast, but I still love it.  Interestingly enough, while most shows will soon forget a cast member they say goodbye to, I really appreciate the Doctor actually dealing with the loss of Rose on the show.  Even Captain Jack gets in on the sorrow.  So in that aspect, an appreciated move for the season.

martha-jonesWho is the new assistant following the Doctor around this time?  Introducing Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman), who was introduced to the Doctor in a great time travel way.  (Seriously, this show has the time travel thing down without overdoing it.  Maybe Heroes creators should take notes).  I, like Martha, was also puzzled by the way the Doctor approached Martha in the beginning of the first episode, but as usual it becomes clear.  Martha is intelligent, fun, and witty, and a doctor herself–at least almost, medically speaking.

This season holds some of the best episodes of the rebooted series.  Once again, it’s hard to play favorites with these, but here we go:

Some gentle cracks at Shakespeare, but the best part for me was the Harry Potter crack at the very end of the episode.  It makes the whole episode and it’s worth watching just for that.

The Doctor and Martha go to the underbelly of New New York City, but everything seems to have gone wrong.  It was an interesting, whether intended or not, examination of when to question authority or the situation.  The citizens have been driving around in circles and police aren’t available, but they’re content to keep on driving.  I suppose a reason I love Doctor Who is the philosophical questions it poses and most of the time makes you come up with your own conclusions.

The Doctor turns human for awhile to hide from “The Family” and Martha, feeling mostly slighted by the Doctor most of the time anyways, feels ultimately slighted when he falls in love with a human.  Plus I just really liked the ending narration from the family after the Doctor comes and takes care of the problem.  Also a great episode to set us up for the big upcoming villain.

Wibbley-wobbley, timey wimey.  One of Steven Moffat’s best in my opinon, Blink does well as an episode without but about the Doctor–for the most part.  Most of the time when shows do an episode kind of discluing their main character, they suck, and we wonder why they just didn’t take a week off.  This is not even close to that case.  The whole timey wimey-ness of time travel and the space time continuum story telling is at its best with killer stone angel statues and cleverness from the Doctor.

UTOPIA et al.
The Master proved a great villain in the last three eps of the season and the Doctor the ultimate hero, and a bit more of a Christ-type in this episode.  (Sorry religious haters).  Able to forgive and continue to love, the last of the timelords is truly great and proven so in these episodes.  I also like the presented philosophy that an idea can be a more powerful thing than all the armies on the earth.  Good stuff, but also sad.  Like I said, this show has trouble holding onto its cast.  Luckily in exchange for one cast member we gain a familiar face and thus my excitement for season four.

Yeah, I probably could find season four on the internet somewhere, but I want quality viewing when it comes to the Doctor, so next week is soon enough for me.

In other super sad news, for those that didn’t know, it’s official that David Tennant will be stepping down as the Doctor, though he’ll be making a few specials in 2009.

I really don’t know if I can get myself attached to yet another new Doctor, but when the new Doctor hits DVD I’ll give the first few eps a look and let you all know if it’s worthwhile or not.  Either way, we got 3 1/2-ish good seasons out of Tennant, and as far as I’m concerned, my favorite Doctor of them all.

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