The 11th Doctor – Doctor Who

This is semi-old news, but time, etc., point being I finally got around to posting it.  Some of you may not have known, but the 11th Doctor has been picked for the newly rebooted Doctor Who series.  David Tennant, the 10th Doctor, will film a few specials this year, but then he’s out and season five will start afresh.  So who’s our next Doctor?


Matt Smith!  Wait… who?  Yeah, exactly.  He’s 26, so the very much so youngest Doctor we’ve had yet, but supposedly new head writer Steven Moffat wanted:

…someone very British, odd-looking/eccentric and if young had an “old soul” carrying the weight of his past 10 lives or if old a “young soul” with energy.

So there you have it. We won’t see Matt Smith until 2010 (or I suppose a Christmas Special 2009). My initial reaction was “they’ll NEVER replace David!!!!” and that may still end up being true, but I reminded myself of the first transition from Eccleston to Tennant. I was wary of Tennant and it’s easy to say from this end he’s the best Doctor ever, but I didn’t know that starting with him. So, I’m saying I’m willing to give Mr. Smith a chance.

Look for specials from our current beloved Doctor in April (possibly the 11th according to rumors).

I Want My TV Back 2009

It’s been a long break.  Very long.  Seems like most shows kicked out beginning of December, and now that we’ve waited a month, how much longer will it be until our favorite shows grace us with their presences again?

Here are the dates of the returns of my favs as well as ones friends are watching, so if I missed yours, try

smallville1SMALLVILLE Will Clark don a suit and fly and wear glasses all in this season?  Only a return will tell and that return occurs Jan 15th with Legion.  Since Lex became a tired supervillain element and got retired (no qualms on Michael himself, just the Lex of the Smallvilleverse–not that he’s 100% gone though…) who’s our next favorite villain?  Doomsday?  Braniac?  Once again, I must admit my surprise at how much I like the show again, but I’m sad we won’t see Lois for 5ish more eps and get more of *gag* Clana.  Anyways, look forward to that return soon.

heroes_finaleHEROES It’s not as horrible as it used to be, and with Bryan Fuller returning, we can keep our fingers crossed that it will keep getting better.  I’m afraid with a longer end of Fall season we have a longer wait for beginning of Winter season: Feb 2nd 9th 15th. The new volume begins and we get a lot more X-Menish.

officeTHE OFFICE Still enjoyable in its fifth season, we get to see the gang again sooner than Heroes, but not soon enough at Feb. 1st. Jan. 18th. What will happen in the Dwight/Angela/Andy love triangle?  Will Jim prank Dwight again?  Are we looking at the last season or the downhill for funny for the show?  And seriously, February?

DEXTER is over for this season.  And what a ride it was.  If you were turned off by the second season (as I was majorly) come back for the third and you’ll fall in love with the Bay Harbor Butcher all over again.

daisiesPUSHING DAISIES is pushing daisies, unfortunately, but it isn’t off the air yet.  The last three episodes of the series are going to air sometime in June. unscheduled as of yet.  I’ve heard rumors of summer and a DVD-only release, but nothing is confirmed.  If you know anything, please leave us a note.  (I’m still super sad about this series cancellation.  A pox on your house, ABC!)

fringeepFRINGE When can we expect our favorite trio -1 to return?  (The -1 being Anna Torv, who’s acting ability still elicits hearty snores.  Writers!  Please help Anna out or can we do the switcharoo and cast someone new?)  Luckily, our show returns Jan. 20th. Maybe the abductors of Olivia can have “changed her face” in some wacky experiment and we can get someone with a larger emotion range?

24 Day 7 begins at 8 A.M. (Jack’s time) on Jan. 11th (our time), and I hope it’s been painfully obvious to everyone so this isn’t a spoiler, but Tony is back.  (I love Carlos, so this is good news to me.)

BSG is finally back on January 16th (um, a Friday?).  I guess we can fire up our Tivos for that timeslot.  Still, I’m interested to see what’s in store for the BSG kids and those rascally cylons.

Other shows of note:

Prison Break – Friday, April 17 (this is the last season) unlisted on for return dates
American Idol – Jan 13th.
30 Rock – Jan 8th.
Supernatural – Jan 15th.

NOTE: This is all according to, which obviously has been fluctuating.  Check back to see updates as I find them.