The 11th Doctor – Doctor Who

This is semi-old news, but time, etc., point being I finally got around to posting it.  Some of you may not have known, but the 11th Doctor has been picked for the newly rebooted Doctor Who series.  David Tennant, the 10th Doctor, will film a few specials this year, but then he’s out and season five will start afresh.  So who’s our next Doctor?


Matt Smith!  Wait… who?  Yeah, exactly.  He’s 26, so the very much so youngest Doctor we’ve had yet, but supposedly new head writer Steven Moffat wanted:

…someone very British, odd-looking/eccentric and if young had an “old soul” carrying the weight of his past 10 lives or if old a “young soul” with energy.

So there you have it. We won’t see Matt Smith until 2010 (or I suppose a Christmas Special 2009). My initial reaction was “they’ll NEVER replace David!!!!” and that may still end up being true, but I reminded myself of the first transition from Eccleston to Tennant. I was wary of Tennant and it’s easy to say from this end he’s the best Doctor ever, but I didn’t know that starting with him. So, I’m saying I’m willing to give Mr. Smith a chance.

Look for specials from our current beloved Doctor in April (possibly the 11th according to rumors).

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