Christian Bale = Psychomuch?

I’ve worked on a movie set, an independent with some notable but much smaller names than Christian Bale, but still around “celebrities.” While there are many of them who are very nice and pleasant people, no matter what character they’re playing, the fact is there are enough of them like Bale out there who think common decency in the way they talk to others is below them.

What am I referring to? If you haven’t heard the buzz around the net, then take a listen below. Although this is old news in the sense of when it happened, the audio has only recently been released. This is Christian Bale going very psychomuch on the supposed DP (director of photography) or someone for fixing a light. WARNING: Extremely explicit language–or Bale using the f-word every other word, literally.

For those who’d prefer to skip the profanities, basically we get nearly 4 minutes of Bale ranting and swearing for someone upsetting his scene, which according to most was perhaps at most a minor adjustment of a light. They’re trying to play it off to him being “in character” or “just doing an emotional scene.” But for all the demands Bale makes for professionalism in his rant, he comes up sorely wanting and a complete hypocrite.

I suppose this shouldn’t surprise us, since he was charged with an assault on his mother (and sister?) around the same time, but still… Can we let him off the hook with “having a bad day?” I mean, how many of us would still have our jobs if we acted that way at work?

I know a lot of us willing to shrug it off to being a “movie star,” but I think we shrug off too many things these days. Anyone in the public eye, be they celebrities, policitians, even presidents seem to get the shrug because, well, they’re “dealing with a lot of stress right now.”

I think it’s time to hold these people to the same value we hold ourselves. To be honest, I wasn’t all that thrilled with his acting in Dark Knight (Heath’s what made the movie for me). And all my motivation for a Batman 3 with him in it has gone to maybe-catch-it-at-the-dollar-theater.

If I had any kind of clout, I think I’d demand he publicly apologize to the DP or whomever he’d gone off on, and realize that those of us who invest in him through movies don’t want tantrum-throwing babies playing an iconic figure like Batman. I’m not saying fire him from Batman, I’m saying tell him to clean up his act.

Anyways, I’m disappointed. 😦


  1. I honestly can’t blame him for blowing up, he’s just trying to get the ****ing scene done right

  2. lol. Did you see Steven Colbert make fun of him with Steve Martin? Classic!

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