I Want My TV Back 2009 pt 2

We got our TV back, and now they’ve already started taking it away again.  So, when can we expect to see some of our favorite shows again?  Here’s a short run-down of the shows, whether still on the air and soon taking a hiatus or already taking their hiatus:

SMALLVILLE Despite how I loathe Clana, the send off was amazing and powerful and after all that we get no new episodes?!  Well, not until March 15 with Infamous.  As opposed as I was to an eighth season, I’m actually crossing my fingers for a ninth to be the final.  According to Kryptonsite.com we should have new episodes until April 2 and then another pause, but with the season finishing up in May.

FRINGE Geh!  This one kills me!  No new episodes until April 7!  Talk about a drought.  Although, they did get the greenlight to continue on with the season a bit late in the game, so my guess is they’re hurriedly filming some more eps for us to enjoy.  I haven’t seen any news via TV.com or other as to how many more episodes we’ll get (April 7 will make 15), but let’s keep our fingers crossed for at least 20.

HEROES I’ve given up on this show.  You can’t build up the story arc and kill it mid-season and start with a new plot.  I’m hoping Bryan Fuller can fix things since they destroyed his previous show (Pushing Daisies), but I’m done at least until all the episodes are out.  Anyways, the point you’re here: new episodes every week until the end of March–which may turn out to be the end of the season, since that will bring the count up to 22 (but they could make a couple more).

24 Jack Bauer and friends will be with us at least until March 9 with new episodes every week, but traditionally they’ve shown new episodes until the 24 hours are up.  Still, just wanted to let you know only the first 12 hours have been confirmed.  And I know the show follows pretty much the same type of plot each season, but I still think it’s amazing they can pull it off.  Aside from there being nothing new under the sun, how many of our popular books and other TV shows follow similar patterns.  My point is, yes, we know how it’ll likely turn out, but I still find it fun to watch. 🙂

THE OFFICE Is on hiatus until March 5, with at least 2 new episodes confirmed.  We’re up to 15 broadcast episodes, so we can probably expect at least 9 more, which probably means the possibility of another small hiatus in March and finishing up in May, or just finishing early in April.

PUSHING DAISIES Still unscheduled officially and only with rumors of a June airing or a direct to DVD finish (which from a marketing standpoint would rake in $$$ for DVD sales…)  I’ve been rewatching season 1 with friends who I could never get to watch it while it was on, and of course now they’re sad it’s canceled. *SIGH*

BSG New episodes until March 20 which is probably also the season finale.

That’s really all I’m keeping track of.  You can find your own shows and episode dates at TV.com–which may or may not be reliable, unfortunately, but often the good fansites will at least have some decent info (aka Kryptonsite for Smallville).

Is there anything to look forward to in the summer as far as TV goes?  Anyone know?

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