CW Greenlights Smallville 9th Season

smallville1I know, I can’t believe I’m saying it, especially the vast difference in coming into season 8 from season 7–and I was definitely among those who thought a season 8 was a mistake–fans, we have a season 9!  It’s official.  From the CW press release:

Also renewed were the network’s established Thursday team of SMALLVILLE, in its ninth season, and SUPERNATURAL, which after posting ratings growth this season, will enter its fifth season next year.

Check out for more details, but I’m hoping we’ll see flights and tights with this news. If the new producers can keep the stories going strong as they have for this season, and bring us into a finish with season 9, I think I can forgive all mistakes and still call this one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen and definitely one of the best renditions of Superman we’ve ever seen (if not the best).

Congratulations Smallville, and keep your fingers crossed for a great finish to season 8, and a great finish to the series in season 9.

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