We’re two chicks with a passion for movies, TV shows, video games, and just about anything Japanese. With our years of viewing and playing experience we’ve decided to collaborate to give you an idea of what visual crack is worth that cash burning a hole in your pocket and what you should probably take a pass on.

We’re not pretentious critics out to sound smart. If we like it we’ll tell you. If we wanted to rip our eyeballs out while watching it, we’ll tell you that, too.

Ebert and Roeper, eat your heart out.

Who’s Who:

MacHi, I’m Mac and I’m the special effects and action reviewer. I’ll also be talking about my favorite and not-so-favorite movies, Playstation games, and the TV shows I watch.

I grew up in a family with a pretty intense love of all kinds of movies and TV shows. My own collection takes up the better part of five 128 disc CD books (mostly movies) and three 224 disc CD books (all TV). (And you better bet I’m obsessive enough that there is an alphabetical filing system and an inventory book so I know exactly which book has what in it.) As you can see, that intense love of movies hasn’t died for me and I expect it never will. I hope that my experience with the entertainment medium can give you a general idea of what’s worth your time and what you should probably skip over.

Dee Hi, I’m Dee, plot, characters, and film art extraordinaire reviewer–as far as VisualCrack is concerned. I’m also a bit otaku when it comes to animation (not just anime, mind), and just like Mac I’ll tell you what I love and hate in movies, TV, and vid games.

It’s true, I’m a media addict, have been since birth. Decided to take that passion to film school, where my perspective on film, TV, etc. changed a little, but only to appreciate it more. But don’t worry, Ebert I am not. My nostalgic personality takes care of that. DVD shopping is a hobby, and consuming media a passion. My likes are a bit eclectic ranging from 2046 to Red Sonja and everything in between. I’ll admit, explosions and action doesn’t do it for me, but it doesn’t have to be the epic art film to be enjoyable either. If the movie or show holds something worthwhile, I’ll be there watching and hopefully let you know whether you should be too.