Just because we know you are dying to ask us such questions as “Why isn’t [insert your favorite movie] reviewed on your blog?” and to tell us that you absolutely adore us (come on, you know you do), here’s a way to get in contact with us:

Contact us!

Please keep in mind that when you write to us we reserve the right to post your email on the blog. Also, please keep the language PG; we like to keep some decorum in our correspondence and, if you say something we find particularly insightful/funny/whatever we’d like to be able to post it without having to edit it. We’re trying to keep this place family friendly.


  1. Nice sis I love you and I miss you!!

  2. i recently downloaded ps3 theme builder and i cant seem to get the pictures i have got to fit correctly onto my tv screen i put hd pictures in and sd pictures into theme builder created my theme but they dont fit my tv screen can anyone shed some light on it for me it would be much appreciated thanks ds

  3. Hey Dee and Mac,

    I found VC while searching the interwebs for high quality bloggers, and am reaching out to let you know about a project I’m working that I think you’d really dig. It’s a way for you and your fans to converse with each other in chat-like real time, though organized and focused specifically around shared content (in a pretty interface).

    From what we’ve seen so far, people are many times more inclined to comment and discuss with one another on this than via stock commenting, and the interaction is much more lively and entertaining.

    Does this sound like something you’re interested in seeing/trying? Hit me back when you have a change and I’ll give you an invite to check it out.


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