TV Geeks Unite (at Kirby Plaza)

I thought we’d try playing a game, although I’m not certain how many of you out there are willing to play, but I’ll initiate it anyways.  It’s called:


You know, Kirby Plaza from Heroes.  This plaza:


Well, it is a real place (though not named Kirby) and it does exist and you can visit it… just not in NYC.  I always assumed it was a set or something, but I was watching Remington Steele the other day and as they were doing an establishing shot of a bank and I quickly paused as the geeky fangirl inside of me shouted, “Hey!  That’s Kirby Plaza!”


So the challenge is to all two of you readers out there (okay, maybe there’s three of you) is to post pics in response of when you’ve seen Kirby Plaza elsewhere.  Maybe Heroes and Remington Steele are the only two places, but I’m inclined to think anything long-term filmed in L.A. might have it in their show somewhere.  I guess we’ll see.  The challenge is on.  (I think I’ll try MacGyver next).