Charmed, I’m sure

*I would recommend reading the review of the first season before reading this one as this review assumes you are familiar with the characters to some degree.

If you read my review of the first season of Charmed, you know that starting the series ended up being a pleasant surprise for me. Far from being the teen soap the WB was so well known for, the adventures of Prue, Piper, and Phoebe as they worked to exterminate evil in the first year of the gaining of their powers proved to be delightfully unexpected. In that same vein, season two began with a startling revelation for me: Prue was my favorite character.

I think toward the end of season one I just had to admit that she was more than just OK, she was cool.

Prue taking on a demon. One of the many things you just have to love about the oldest Charmed One.

Prue taking on a demon. One of the many things you just have to love about the oldest Charmed One.

She was the kind of older sister I wish I was. She was cool under pressure, successful, and knew what she wanted. Not to mention, she was sassy and I am totally not. She did manage to annoy me in the season two premiere when, because of what happened at the end of season one, she hesitated to use her powers. Which of course almost resulted in the deaths of the Charmed Ones. But then she came around and again became that cool-under-pressure chick I have a girl-crush on and restored my world to balance. Continue reading

I’ve Been Charmed

One of the WB’s biggest hits, Charmed held the record for the network’s highest rated debut until Smallville premiered. Aside from Tarzan and 7th Heaven the WB had what can only be called a stunningly anti-Mac line-up over the years. Between shows like Dawson’s Creek, Felicity, and One Tree Hill it was like diving into a pool of all the gooey, girl-squealing, schmoopiness that would make me want to poke my eyes out with a dull pencil.

Charmed is a series I’ve never watched before, had absolutely no interest in, and had no reason to watch. It’s always seemed to be a very chick-oriented show, which I stay away from like the plague. Give me explosions, brutal fight scenes, and a heavy helping of science fiction and I’m in entertainment heaven. Give me over-dramatized love stories, over-emotional female characters, or even just a mostly female cast and I’ll either contemplate allowing my head to be used for batting practice or want to enact the aforementioned interaction between a dull pencil and my eyes – it’s a toss-up. And yet, despite my impression of this show as just another member of that category, somehow the idea of watching Charmed got stuck in my mind. And since that could only be remedied by watching the show, I took the plunge, albeit not happily. Continue reading