The Avatar Challenge

Once upon a time people challenged my dislike for Twilight because I hadn’t read the book.  It took me a while to shove enough of my complete disdain for what I was about to venture into, and still took me a month to read the first book of the Twilight series.  (I read Harry Potter Book 7 in less than 8 hours, so it wasn’t because I was a slow reader).

It was a lot more awful than I had anticipated.  I admit, I was planning to make fun of it in comic style later, but well, when you’re not paid to do it for a living finding the time… etc., etc.

Anyways, the same challenge has been laid before me now with James Cameron’s Avatar.  Hearing from most friends that while it had some pretty pictures, it generally is a boring rehash of Fern Gully, Dances With Wolves, and Titanic elements all in just under three hours.  (A reason I never bothered with King Kong.  I could watch 2 movies in the same amount of time I probably like better.)

I also recently watched a fairly scathing review from Red Letter Media, whom I completely agreed with on the two Star Wars reviews he’s posted, and have little reason to distrust his opinion on Avatar.  (Except he didn’t like the new Star Trek movie, but I suppose Star Trek is more polarizing when it comes to a reboot).

Anyways, I guess I’m going to trudge through Avatar, hopefully in one sitting.  I may take an intermission.  I plan to post the review, whether scathing or pleasantly surprised here.  Then hopefully those of you who don’t want to bother can say, “Hey, Dee thought the movie was going to suck and it did.”  Or grudgingly, “Well, I guess I’ll have to watch it.”

I know, my view of the movie is tainted, but you can thank the tired rantings of the global warming fanatic agenda–and I’ve heard James Cameron is one of the biggest tree huggers around–but I suppose time will tell.

Mid-Afternoon Chronicles: Delusional Stella

I know, I promised some of these months and months ago. As one of my former roommates used to say, life happens. This goes out to any of you who found a certain supposedly handsome vampire a little creepy and questioned the integrity of the storyteller.

I just wanted to get this one out, so yep, still my sketched drawing, but it works. I’ll look into better tracing in the future, so all you purists out there chill. Anyways, enjoy.

Twilight I Thought This Book Was About Vampires…?

“As she gazed into his perfect honey colored eyes, she was overwhelmed with giddiness at the sight of his perfection, and swooned when he smiled the perfect crooked (does that really work?) perfect smile of perfection like a Greek God who could never hope to be as handsome and perfect as the work of perfection himself that was Edward…”

Basically, I’ve summarized 90% of the book for you.  (Quick, someone hand me a thesauraus.  I’ve got to look up synonyms for perfection!)

I had no idea what Twilight was about, other than a nod at vampires, but at the time I had just come off the Harry Potter hype train, and loathing as I did waiting for sequels I figured I’d give this series a look when more of the books were out.  The Twilight series hype continued to grow, with nearly everyone around me swearing to its authenticity as the greatest series of all time.

I still planned to give it a look, but paused after going over a review on my friend’s blog.  After conferring with a second friend who’d read the entire series (because the Twilight fans SWORE the books continued getting better), I felt little to no motivation to read this book.  Hey, romance novels just aren’t my thing.

But with fellow women and girls around becoming fans a plenty, I felt if I were going to be able to have an opinion I’d have to delve in.  So, I began reading Twilight.

I was surprised!  Well, at first…

Here was this character Bella.  A typical teenage girl with family troubles and teenage girl insecurities.  She’s interesting, the view she presents is interesting, and although I know what’s coming I hope that we don’t arc away from the current Bella.  Then came the dreaded “descriptions.”  Those who’ve read know what I’m referring to.  The gushing descriptions (see above for an example) that occupy 90% of the rest of the book.


And so a perfectly reasonable an interesting character becomes a crazed obsessive “swimfan” type girl, and the cheesiness factor is laid on thick.

So if I knew exactly what was coming, why bother reading in the first place?

To be honest, the take Stephanie Meyer has on vampires, albeit unresearched and a little too Superman without kryptonite, is interesting.  I found myself the most involved when I heard Edward’s origins and his families origins.  In fact, publish a book without gushing affections about Dr. Cullen and Edward’s adventures pre-Bella and I think you might have a very compelling novel.  This may be out of Meyer’s capability to do (aka where would the story be without the gushing affections?)

Something that is incredibly disturbing is the way their relationship works, which most readers have tended to shrug off to being a vampire.

But probably 70% of my reason for reading the book (the 30% being to have an informed opinion–which wouldn’t have been enough drive alone) was to bring to you a comic series I’ve affectionately named “The Mid-Afternoon Chronicles.”  I’m by no means a professional when it comes to comics, and some of you may not get it if you haven’t read at least the first book, but it amuses me and hopefully it will do the same for you.

This is merely a character concept of our ‘heroes,’ but I promise a new comic is coming soon and hopefully weekly.

Ok, seriously!  What is this 'crooked smile?'

Ok, seriously! What is this 'crooked smile?'