CW Greenlights Smallville 9th Season

smallville1I know, I can’t believe I’m saying it, especially the vast difference in coming into season 8 from season 7–and I was definitely among those who thought a season 8 was a mistake–fans, we have a season 9!  It’s official.  From the CW press release:

Also renewed were the network’s established Thursday team of SMALLVILLE, in its ninth season, and SUPERNATURAL, which after posting ratings growth this season, will enter its fifth season next year.

Check out for more details, but I’m hoping we’ll see flights and tights with this news. If the new producers can keep the stories going strong as they have for this season, and bring us into a finish with season 9, I think I can forgive all mistakes and still call this one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen and definitely one of the best renditions of Superman we’ve ever seen (if not the best).

Congratulations Smallville, and keep your fingers crossed for a great finish to season 8, and a great finish to the series in season 9.

I Want My TV Back 2009 pt 2

We got our TV back, and now they’ve already started taking it away again.  So, when can we expect to see some of our favorite shows again?  Here’s a short run-down of the shows, whether still on the air and soon taking a hiatus or already taking their hiatus:

SMALLVILLE Despite how I loathe Clana, the send off was amazing and powerful and after all that we get no new episodes?!  Well, not until March 15 with Infamous.  As opposed as I was to an eighth season, I’m actually crossing my fingers for a ninth to be the final.  According to we should have new episodes until April 2 and then another pause, but with the season finishing up in May.

FRINGE Geh!  This one kills me!  No new episodes until April 7!  Talk about a drought.  Although, they did get the greenlight to continue on with the season a bit late in the game, so my guess is they’re hurriedly filming some more eps for us to enjoy.  I haven’t seen any news via or other as to how many more episodes we’ll get (April 7 will make 15), but let’s keep our fingers crossed for at least 20.

HEROES I’ve given up on this show.  You can’t build up the story arc and kill it mid-season and start with a new plot.  I’m hoping Bryan Fuller can fix things since they destroyed his previous show (Pushing Daisies), but I’m done at least until all the episodes are out.  Anyways, the point you’re here: new episodes every week until the end of March–which may turn out to be the end of the season, since that will bring the count up to 22 (but they could make a couple more).

24 Jack Bauer and friends will be with us at least until March 9 with new episodes every week, but traditionally they’ve shown new episodes until the 24 hours are up.  Still, just wanted to let you know only the first 12 hours have been confirmed.  And I know the show follows pretty much the same type of plot each season, but I still think it’s amazing they can pull it off.  Aside from there being nothing new under the sun, how many of our popular books and other TV shows follow similar patterns.  My point is, yes, we know how it’ll likely turn out, but I still find it fun to watch. 🙂

THE OFFICE Is on hiatus until March 5, with at least 2 new episodes confirmed.  We’re up to 15 broadcast episodes, so we can probably expect at least 9 more, which probably means the possibility of another small hiatus in March and finishing up in May, or just finishing early in April.

PUSHING DAISIES Still unscheduled officially and only with rumors of a June airing or a direct to DVD finish (which from a marketing standpoint would rake in $$$ for DVD sales…)  I’ve been rewatching season 1 with friends who I could never get to watch it while it was on, and of course now they’re sad it’s canceled. *SIGH*

BSG New episodes until March 20 which is probably also the season finale.

That’s really all I’m keeping track of.  You can find your own shows and episode dates at–which may or may not be reliable, unfortunately, but often the good fansites will at least have some decent info (aka Kryptonsite for Smallville).

Is there anything to look forward to in the summer as far as TV goes?  Anyone know?

The 11th Doctor – Doctor Who

This is semi-old news, but time, etc., point being I finally got around to posting it.  Some of you may not have known, but the 11th Doctor has been picked for the newly rebooted Doctor Who series.  David Tennant, the 10th Doctor, will film a few specials this year, but then he’s out and season five will start afresh.  So who’s our next Doctor?


Matt Smith!  Wait… who?  Yeah, exactly.  He’s 26, so the very much so youngest Doctor we’ve had yet, but supposedly new head writer Steven Moffat wanted:

…someone very British, odd-looking/eccentric and if young had an “old soul” carrying the weight of his past 10 lives or if old a “young soul” with energy.

So there you have it. We won’t see Matt Smith until 2010 (or I suppose a Christmas Special 2009). My initial reaction was “they’ll NEVER replace David!!!!” and that may still end up being true, but I reminded myself of the first transition from Eccleston to Tennant. I was wary of Tennant and it’s easy to say from this end he’s the best Doctor ever, but I didn’t know that starting with him. So, I’m saying I’m willing to give Mr. Smith a chance.

Look for specials from our current beloved Doctor in April (possibly the 11th according to rumors).

I Want My TV Back 2009

It’s been a long break.  Very long.  Seems like most shows kicked out beginning of December, and now that we’ve waited a month, how much longer will it be until our favorite shows grace us with their presences again?

Here are the dates of the returns of my favs as well as ones friends are watching, so if I missed yours, try

smallville1SMALLVILLE Will Clark don a suit and fly and wear glasses all in this season?  Only a return will tell and that return occurs Jan 15th with Legion.  Since Lex became a tired supervillain element and got retired (no qualms on Michael himself, just the Lex of the Smallvilleverse–not that he’s 100% gone though…) who’s our next favorite villain?  Doomsday?  Braniac?  Once again, I must admit my surprise at how much I like the show again, but I’m sad we won’t see Lois for 5ish more eps and get more of *gag* Clana.  Anyways, look forward to that return soon.

heroes_finaleHEROES It’s not as horrible as it used to be, and with Bryan Fuller returning, we can keep our fingers crossed that it will keep getting better.  I’m afraid with a longer end of Fall season we have a longer wait for beginning of Winter season: Feb 2nd 9th 15th. The new volume begins and we get a lot more X-Menish.

officeTHE OFFICE Still enjoyable in its fifth season, we get to see the gang again sooner than Heroes, but not soon enough at Feb. 1st. Jan. 18th. What will happen in the Dwight/Angela/Andy love triangle?  Will Jim prank Dwight again?  Are we looking at the last season or the downhill for funny for the show?  And seriously, February?

DEXTER is over for this season.  And what a ride it was.  If you were turned off by the second season (as I was majorly) come back for the third and you’ll fall in love with the Bay Harbor Butcher all over again.

daisiesPUSHING DAISIES is pushing daisies, unfortunately, but it isn’t off the air yet.  The last three episodes of the series are going to air sometime in June. unscheduled as of yet.  I’ve heard rumors of summer and a DVD-only release, but nothing is confirmed.  If you know anything, please leave us a note.  (I’m still super sad about this series cancellation.  A pox on your house, ABC!)

fringeepFRINGE When can we expect our favorite trio -1 to return?  (The -1 being Anna Torv, who’s acting ability still elicits hearty snores.  Writers!  Please help Anna out or can we do the switcharoo and cast someone new?)  Luckily, our show returns Jan. 20th. Maybe the abductors of Olivia can have “changed her face” in some wacky experiment and we can get someone with a larger emotion range?

24 Day 7 begins at 8 A.M. (Jack’s time) on Jan. 11th (our time), and I hope it’s been painfully obvious to everyone so this isn’t a spoiler, but Tony is back.  (I love Carlos, so this is good news to me.)

BSG is finally back on January 16th (um, a Friday?).  I guess we can fire up our Tivos for that timeslot.  Still, I’m interested to see what’s in store for the BSG kids and those rascally cylons.

Other shows of note:

Prison Break – Friday, April 17 (this is the last season) unlisted on for return dates
American Idol – Jan 13th.
30 Rock – Jan 8th.
Supernatural – Jan 15th.

NOTE: This is all according to, which obviously has been fluctuating.  Check back to see updates as I find them.

David Don’t Go! Doctor Who Season 4

After being through three season with David Tennant, the thought of him being replaced makes me want to boycott the new doctor, but I remind myself what I would have missed out on had I done the same with the transition between Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant–and that’s a lot.

The Christmas special has just broadcast (it’s not as good as Voyage of the Damned, but still good), and Tennant is to appear in 3 specials in 2009 before signing off.  Season 5 will make its appearance in 2010.

So, in a show, extremely notorious as of lately for changing up its cast just when you’re getting to like them, we have the Doctor and a return to an old cast member Donna Noble (Catherine Tate).  (And I swear the theme song got an upgrade as well–though I prefer the just previous version).

doctor-and-donna-series-4-promoDonna Noble, for those faithfully following Doctor Who, appeared in the episode The Runaway Bride, and helped save the world and the Doctor from the Empress of the Racnoss.  Since then, she hasn’t been able to get the Doctor out of her mind.  I wondered how this change of pace would work, since the last two assistants have been young things enamorate of the Doctor, and it came as a breath of fresh air.  Not only is Catherine Tate’s comedic talent glorious for the series, but the “buddies” relationship pulls new performances out of the two of them and just adds to the excellence the series keeps bringing us.  This transition wasn’t as hard for me as was Rose to Martha, at least not at the beginning of the series.


Seriously, with Doctor Who its like picking favorite children.  I could list every one of them, and any I haven’t mentioned are still great, these were just particularly fantastic.

07Partners in Crime The Doctor and Donna finally meet up again, and in probably one of the cleverest ways I’ve ever seen on television.  Their whole dialogue through windows was classic, and it was great to see a friend of the Doctor’s we were familiar with return.  I really just enjoyed a sort of “coming home” feeling with this episode.

tennantlibrarySilence in the Library/Forest of the Dead Creepy and cool, this episode takes the Doctor and Donna to a library planet, but only the shadows are present.  The switch between alternate realities while trying to guess what exactly was going on was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time.  The faces on the statues were a fantastic sci-fi touch and in the end you’re left looking at your own shadow suspiciously.  It’s an episode that proves the unknown is more frightening that the blood and guts scary movies of our day and age.

n04-10-02Midnight Leave it to Russell T. Davies (head writer) to take something annoying and turn it into ultra creepy.  Most of the episode is sans-Donna, which is a shame, but it works.  The Doctor heads on a sort of bus tour of the planet Midnight, when the “bus” has troubles and breaks down.  They hear a creature outside, but it eventually makes its way in and possesses one of the passengers.  The creature copies everything the others, including the Doctor, are saying and at first we, like the Doctor, think its just trying to learn, but then it takes the terrifying twist Davies loves to give us.  Good stuff and great performances!

turn_left_doctor_whoTurn Left Ever seen the movie Sliding Doors?  Basically the concept is what would have happened if you had made a different choice or one event had changed slightly?  How much impact would it really have had on the world?  This is the question asked when Donna visits a mysterious woman who has her turn a different direction, and in the end has tremendous consequences on the Doctor Who universe.  This episode makes you think they’ve had the whole series carefully planned out for how well they integrate all the little changes.

stolen_earth_pic6The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End It always seems to come back to the Daleks, maybe because they’re more threatening in the 2005+ series as opposed to the old series.  (Yeah, um, spoiler alert).  We get to see pretty much the whole new series cast return, Rose included, as they all unite to defeat the Daleks, with surprising aid coming from “I’m just a temp” Donna Noble.  There are a couple really harsh Russell T. Davies moments, one between Rose and the Doctor, and seeing Donna Noble off (which makes you wonder if you shouldn’t be more polite to those people you don’t know).

In reality, this reboot of the series is one of the best things on television now, and far cleverer than 90% of the other shows out there.  Perhaps sci-fi lends to that, especially in this day and age.  I used to be among the crowd that hesitated watching sci-fi shows, mostly for getting lost in the technical babble (Star Trek occasionally leaned that way) and for the social stigma, but once I got over it and dived in I’ve never once been sorry.  This is my big push to those still hesitating to join in, and Doctor Who would be a fine way to start.  I’m more than eager to see these specials, and I’ll definitely give the new Doctor a chance.

Pushing Daisies Cancelled??!!?

It’s not like this was unexpected, but HONESTLY ABC what are you thinking???  Pushing Daisies has got to be one of the most original and refreshing shows out there.  The “Oh, Oh, Oh… It’s Magic” episode was one of the more brilliant ones aired as of yet, but rather than give Daisies the proper time to grow its fanbase, they’ve decided to give it the axe.

So what can you do, aside from crying and posting on the ABC forums how much you hate them a million times?  Organized effort is better (see Jericho and CBS), and there’s a website organizing the fans.  Click on the picture below to find where you can sign a petition to keep it on the air, how to complain to ABC, and how to tell WB that they should simply move Daisies to a better network. The e-mails don’t take you very long, and if all the fans work together someone’s got to take notice.  Maybe we won’t get it back on ABC, but a new network continuing our show is better than complete cancellation.

Do your best fellow Daisies fan, and let’s not let this show die, at least not without a big fight!


Doctor Who Season 3: Same Doctor, new cast

dr_who_tennant_narrowweb__300x4300I’m excited for season 4 to finally be released on DVD, and in honor of its release, a long overdue review of season three is here.  First of all SPOILER ALERT.  I’d suggest you start with season one to make your decision of yay or nay on the Doctor.  Anyways, you’ve been warned.

All right, could there be anything more heart-wrenching than the forced separation for good of the Doctor and Rose?  Seriously, the end of season two was a little hard for watching, and I was super sad to see Billie Piper go.  It doesn’t seem like this show can hold onto its cast, but I still love it.  Interestingly enough, while most shows will soon forget a cast member they say goodbye to, I really appreciate the Doctor actually dealing with the loss of Rose on the show.  Even Captain Jack gets in on the sorrow.  So in that aspect, an appreciated move for the season.

martha-jonesWho is the new assistant following the Doctor around this time?  Introducing Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman), who was introduced to the Doctor in a great time travel way.  (Seriously, this show has the time travel thing down without overdoing it.  Maybe Heroes creators should take notes).  I, like Martha, was also puzzled by the way the Doctor approached Martha in the beginning of the first episode, but as usual it becomes clear.  Martha is intelligent, fun, and witty, and a doctor herself–at least almost, medically speaking.

This season holds some of the best episodes of the rebooted series.  Once again, it’s hard to play favorites with these, but here we go:

Some gentle cracks at Shakespeare, but the best part for me was the Harry Potter crack at the very end of the episode.  It makes the whole episode and it’s worth watching just for that.

The Doctor and Martha go to the underbelly of New New York City, but everything seems to have gone wrong.  It was an interesting, whether intended or not, examination of when to question authority or the situation.  The citizens have been driving around in circles and police aren’t available, but they’re content to keep on driving.  I suppose a reason I love Doctor Who is the philosophical questions it poses and most of the time makes you come up with your own conclusions.

The Doctor turns human for awhile to hide from “The Family” and Martha, feeling mostly slighted by the Doctor most of the time anyways, feels ultimately slighted when he falls in love with a human.  Plus I just really liked the ending narration from the family after the Doctor comes and takes care of the problem.  Also a great episode to set us up for the big upcoming villain.

Wibbley-wobbley, timey wimey.  One of Steven Moffat’s best in my opinon, Blink does well as an episode without but about the Doctor–for the most part.  Most of the time when shows do an episode kind of discluing their main character, they suck, and we wonder why they just didn’t take a week off.  This is not even close to that case.  The whole timey wimey-ness of time travel and the space time continuum story telling is at its best with killer stone angel statues and cleverness from the Doctor.

UTOPIA et al.
The Master proved a great villain in the last three eps of the season and the Doctor the ultimate hero, and a bit more of a Christ-type in this episode.  (Sorry religious haters).  Able to forgive and continue to love, the last of the timelords is truly great and proven so in these episodes.  I also like the presented philosophy that an idea can be a more powerful thing than all the armies on the earth.  Good stuff, but also sad.  Like I said, this show has trouble holding onto its cast.  Luckily in exchange for one cast member we gain a familiar face and thus my excitement for season four.

Yeah, I probably could find season four on the internet somewhere, but I want quality viewing when it comes to the Doctor, so next week is soon enough for me.

In other super sad news, for those that didn’t know, it’s official that David Tennant will be stepping down as the Doctor, though he’ll be making a few specials in 2009.

I really don’t know if I can get myself attached to yet another new Doctor, but when the new Doctor hits DVD I’ll give the first few eps a look and let you all know if it’s worthwhile or not.  Either way, we got 3 1/2-ish good seasons out of Tennant, and as far as I’m concerned, my favorite Doctor of them all.